Narita Tadaaki

With his ceramic works, the Japanese Artist Narita Tadaaki (Works and lives in Amsterdam), wants to break free from the traditional association of the material. Fascinated by controlling the material and in combining the complicated and delicate process of drying, baking and enamelling ceramics with other techniques, the artist wants to show that ceramics are not static and old-fashioned, but instead exciting and full of motion.

The colourful and cartoon-like sculptures carry a message that is not as cheerful as they seem. The negative aspects and dark side of human existence is hidden behind happy faces and images. Sadness and powerlessness are part of life, a part which is most of the time carefully hidden behind smiling faces and superficiality. Narita Tadaaki confronts the viewer with his underlying feelings and emotions.

One of Narita’s autobiographical images is the ‘Suidiver’. Derived from the words 'suicide' and ‘diver’. This image recalls his time as a window cleaner in Tokyo and also refers to the big step he has made to leave Japan to study at the Rietveld Academy. For Narita, working with ceramics is the best way to explore and display his subconscious. His thoughts are taking three-dimensional forms in his head. His ideas are tangible in shape and mass. The result is an exceptional collection of works with a distinctive atmosphere full of fun and depth.

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