Author:Ben Vautier
Title:FLUXUS CONTINUE 1963 - 2003 NICE
Description:Condition: New Self-Published by Larry Miller Unnumbered pages, 21 x 15 cm. soft cover Collective catalogue of works organised by Larry Miller at Musee d'Art et d'Art Contemporain in Nice Ben Vautier is a French artist known for his text-based paintings, such as L'art est inutile. Rentrez chez vous (Art is Useless. Go Home) (1971). Vautier?s Fluxus works circled around defining art as a practice that unifies life, objects, and philosophy. ?What is culture? Culture is a fairytale that we have created. It can be manipulative,? he has explained. ?The purpose of culture is to amuse poor people and rich people alike.? Born Benjamin Vautier on July 18, 1935 in Naples, Italy, he moved with his mother to the South of France in 1949. In 1958, Vautier left his job at a book store and opened a stationary and record store. Fluxus was an international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers and poets during the 1960s and 1970s who engaged in experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product.Fluxus is known for experimental contributions to different artistic media and disciplines and for generating new art forms.
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