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Mirror Image

Author:Annie Sprinkle (Ellen F. Steinberg)
Title:Mirror Image
Publisher:A. Sprinkle, 1985
Description:Booklet with text, images, stickers, glitter, hair and a stapled translucent bag.
Note:Matte thick colored paper bound (yellow wire) booklet. width: 14mm; height: 11mm. Black ink text. Signed by Annie Sprinkle, with a kiss (red lipstick) print. The stapled translucent bag is 9mm x 9mm and the applied glitter is green. 30 pages. Publisher: A. Sprinkle, 1985. Sub-note: Content of 'Mirror Image' includes a detail of the image of movie audience wearing special 3D glasses to view film Bwana Devil (1952) which was shot with new natural vision 3 dimensional technology. Photo by J.R. Eyerman, 1952. A detail of this photo was used for the cover design of the 1983 English edition of Guy Debord's La Societe du Spectacle.
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