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Crucify Jesus yourself

Author:Filemon Wesselman
Title:Crucify Jesus yourself
Description:CRUCIFY JESUS ??BY YOURSELF! (DIY kit) - 3D print, Edition 1/3- last available. one of the exhibits at the Twente Biennale contemporary art festival in Enschede, Netherlands, in 2015. The "trademark" of Christians is the crucifix; the image of the body of Jesus on the cross. I was raised Christian and have seen this image all my childhood. I stared in amazement at the large wooden crucifix behind the preaching pastor or pastor. During a trip to the holy places of Israel I was confronted with this image many times a day. At the same time there were many tourist market stalls where toys were sold. Just like in almost every toy store there was a lot violent toys. Weapons were held by "action figures". Children could wage their own fantasy war. But the cruel image of Jesus on the cross was nowhere to be seen. Also no action figures the person that it was all about. This self-crucifixion set raises many questions. Which side are you on when you nail Jesus on the cross? After all, without crucifixion, Christianity would not have been so great. Is this allowed by the Christians? And when they approve of this, what does it say about the state of Christianity? Do people feel guilty when they buy this and the crucifixion is completed? And if one feels guilty, isn't one by definition religious? The city where the Twente Biennial takes place was also the setting for the TV spectacle The Passion. The "disneyfication" of Christianity started to rise. This is the next step in the desecration of Christianity.
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