NATURE FIRST Solo exhibition by the IDIOTS
The artist duo Idiots (Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker) are characterized by the use of animal material in combination with luxury materials such as lace, pearls and gold. The concept of memento mori is rethought in a contemporary jacket and questions the current world in which marketing, market value and appearance seem to dominate. The game between fantasy and reality that is constantly present in the works of Idiots plays with the border between life and death. The border is questioned, stretched and given a new perspective. The dead animals given a second life and reminds the viewer of their own life. The relationship with archetypes from fables and fairy tales reinforce the ambiguity of the work. The morality that is expressed in well-known fairy tales transformed into a critic of a contemporary lifestyle of the modern man. If one had to explain what the main purpose of Idiots is; it is the attempt to bring people closer to an honest perception of reality through critical fantasy in which fiction would largely cover the load.