Nam June Paik 12.3.2020 -15.4.2020

NAM JUNE PAIK - Video and Fluxes pioneer

From March 14 to August 23, the Stedelijk Museum shows an extensive overview of this adventurous Korean artist. Starting March 12 (up to and including April 5) the CultClub has set up a PAIK SHOP at the address Hemonylaan 6A in Amsterdam.
Expanding the concept beyond a shop to an information centre where the more ephemeral concerns from Paik's rich oeuvre are discussed, Including many Fluxus-related printed matter from the early 1960s. For example, original Fluxus editions can be seen and (partly) sold from Willem de Ridder’s original European Mail Order House stock.
Rare photos from the early 1960s, from Paik performances in the Cologne studio of Mary Bauermeister, the wife of Karlheinz Stockhausen- records of non alienated history of Paik’s practice.
A new CultClub edition is produced especially for this occasion: NAM JUNE PAIK - a collection of ephemera.
Put it in your agenda! - The opening night Thursday 12.3.2020 an evening of soup, drinks and rare video projections
opens 17:00 PM video program from 19:00 onwards with introduction by the media artist Raoul Marroquin.
Stories will be told and an attention will be given to various aspects of Paik’s work that are not (or could not be) addressed in the exhibition at the SM.
Image material and Information:
Jeannette Dekeukeleire
ArtKitchen Gallery
Hemonylaan 6A
1074 BE Amsterdam